Begin Again

Welcome to my new space! I am not completely moved in yet. “Decor” is on the way. I love to wonder, this is the natural part of me. Sharing my wonderings is new territory. I invite you into my reasoning. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

The first post for my blog written about 3 years ago: The maturation of ideas takes time, patience and sometimes an act of God

In most places, I am the resident “mathee”, which means that I find pleasure in contemplating mathematical ideas and working my way out of mathematical situations that leave me feeling stuck. I studied English believe it or not and for a few of the first years of my teaching career I was a self-proclaimed “literacy person”.

Math was something I could do but not quite understand well enough to lead a lost soul out of mathematical darkness! As is the story of many I imagine, I had an experience that led me to believe that I could figure out what I had yet to understand and so began a career invested in math understanding for all people.

My plan is to decorate my “new space” with all of the wonderings that I collect along my way. Thank you for stopping by and please come back!


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