Elementary Math Coaching


This involves an initial consultation followed by a customized coaching plan for your staff. This year coaching focused on math talk, cognitive demand and teaching with MP2 (Reasoning Abstractly and Quantitatively) as a goal. Coaching sessions involved pre-planning sessions with teachers, co-teaching and modeling instructional practices. Coaching sessions are often done with a small group of teachers to scale the impact of coaching and deepen professional relationships.

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed planning and teaching with you yesterday. I haven’t ‘team taught’ with for about 7 years!  The kids got a lot out of yesterday’s lesson – I went over a few things today to reinforce. My colleagues also said they got a lot out of what they watched, so thank you again!”

Mr M Union County, NC 2018

On-Site Professional Learning

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We provide customized professional learning sessions based on specific needs that are identified by building leaders. Sessions are typically driven by achievement data, teacher observation tools, and staff needs assessments. In addition to customized professional learning sessions, we offer a few sessions as a standard.

Professional Learning: Pedagogy Centered (K-8)





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  • Enacting and Planning Number Talks
  • Unpacking Standards/ 6-Week Curriculum Mapping
  • Analyzing Student Work
  • Enacting Classroom Routines for Number

Professional Learning: Content Focused (Grade Level/Band Specific)


  • Progression of Fraction Ideas 3-5
  • Progression of Representations in Multiplication/Division (3-5)
  • Progression of Representations in Addition and Subtraction (1-4)
  • Base Ten Number System: Unpacking “number sense”


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